My name is Nick and thank you for visiting my Diabetes blog at www.typeaware.co.uk


I am in my 22nd year with Type 1 Diabetes and as of January 2013 I started on an insulin pump using the Accu Chek Combo. I want to blog about life and diabetes and I hope you find the blogs informative.


The idea of writing these blogs is not to tell you how you should manage your Diabetes, as this is different for everyone, it is simply a platform to share my experiences which may provoke questions and help you in making informed decisions about your own care.


Always be assured that although you may think you leave solitary footprints on this journey, the reality is, this path has been walked by many others and you are never alone.



“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be”
Douglas Adams

As well as the daily intrusion of managing type 1 diabetes I am also a husband to my beautiful wife whom I married in January 2012 and as of October 2012 I became a father for the first time to my amazingly handsome little boy.

I am a 'Diabetes Voices' Volunteer, a peer support volunteer and a media volunteer for Diabetes UK so you may come across me on your travels, please come and say hi if you do!


In 2013 I won the QIC Diabetes Peoples Award 2013 and would like to thank everyone who nominated and voted for me! I want to make sure I dont spread myself too thinly whilst volunteering for  Diabetes UK so I want to focus on the areas I feel I can make a positive controbution to. My aim is to invest all of my time into:



  • Peer Support

  • Supporting Children with Diabetes and their families

  • Raising awareness and trying to change the common misrepresentation of Type 1 Diabetes in the media


I hope to make a positive contribution to the lives of those living with or caring for Diabetes. I want to ensure our future generations never have to experience discrimination in their care and in the attitudes of their peers.