Media Coverage

I recently spoke with a popular Cheshire radio station, Imagine FM 104.9, about the possibility of making a feature of World Diabetes Day.


In collaboration with Imagine FM, Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group and local volunteers the show went ahead and here is the result.


The feature included interviews with;


  • Jude Sutton, an inspirational parent and campaigner who has twins who both have Type 1 Diabetes

  • Thomas Brown, A Type 2 Diabetic who regularly campaigns for Diabetes UK

  • Dr Sasha Johari - A GP from Stockport who specialises in Diabetes

  • and myself.

World Diabetes Day Health Feature Imagine FM 14.11.2013 (Track 1/2)


World Diabetes Day Health Feature Imagine FM 14.11.2013 (Track 2/2)


On 14th January 2015 i was invited, along with Diabetes UK, to talk on BBC Breakfast about the State of the Nation report 2015 and my experience of Diabetes care.

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