Type Zero Wall of Shame

Here on this new page of my blog I will be collating and adding items where a ‘type zero’ comments on ‘Diabetes’.


For those of you unfamiliar with type zero have a look at the following definition as defined by @grumpy_pumper on twitter


"TYPE ZERO - A person that does not have Diabetes – Symptoms of Type Zero include vastly stupid questioning of people with Diabetes, inability to distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and making wild assumptions on what people with Diabetes can and can’t do, or eat"


The purpose of this page is not to infuriate you by people’s ignorance but to highlight how the misconception of sensationalised headlines leads to stereotypical oppression. This has a bigger effect on the lives of those with the condition with discrimination still prevalent in the lives of those with Diabetes, including our future generations.


Feel free to send me your own examples and I’ll make sure I put up as many as I can! You can send me your items using the contact form below and providing the web link to the offending item!

















One of the main causes of Diabetes is overeating. Most people know that but continue to overeat. Diabetes is the same as smoking & drinking, its a personal choice!  - Newspaper reader comment


The NHS cant improve Diabetes unless they employ staff to follow every Diabetic 24/7 and forcibly stop them from eating the wrong foods. Force them to eat healthly and force them to excercise! - Newspaper reader comment


If parents let children smoke, drink or play with lead we'd think they were irresponsible. How is giving them Diabetes not bad? - Ricky Gervais - Tweet 05/04/13


Every Diabetic is given the wrong advice!!! One question for Doctors, why not just tell them  to stop eating sugar and wheat.....BAM, Diabetes is gone! -Newspaper reader comment


People with self inflicted illnesses should be made to pay a large proportion of their treatment, one would quickly find people taking responsibility for their condition and stop them behaving like children - Newspaper reader comment


And this is so preventable!! - Newspaper reader comment


Tax the fat and smokers! Why should we pay for this self inflicted illness? it's getting beyond a joke!  - Newspaper reader comment


Will the fat stop blaming the world for their problems and try a little thing called self disipline  - Newspaper reader comment


The fatter you make yourself the higher the risk. Gluttony, greed and selfishness has a price - Newspaper reader comment


Just eat salad  - Newspaper reader comment


Diabetes is caused by consuming too much sugar, reduce your sugar intake!  - Newspaper reader comment


Of course this has nothing to do with people not taking responsibility for their own condition? Expecting doctors and nurses to have a magic wand!  - Newspaper reader comment


If you have a chronic Disease then you ain't healthy. if you aint healthy, you aint going to live as long! simple!  - Newspaper reader comment